The Everything Guide to Nootropics: Boost Your Brain Function with Smart Drugs and Memory Supplements – A Book Review

Author: Evan Brand

Number of pages: 288

Series title: Everything Series

Genre: Health and Wellness

Preview: The Everything Guide to Nootropics is a book that promises to guide beginners on the use of brain-enhancing supplements and superfoods.


The book is divided into several chapters with the first part giving readers an introduction on nootropics, how neurotransmitters influence behavior and learning, and the healthy habits for a healthy brain. The middle part of the book introduces readers to the different kinds of nootropics, from synthetic to natural ones, to herbs and vitamins, everything about nootropic classes. The last part, and probably one that will have you drooling are chapters dedicated to recipes upon recipes that feature a variety of nutritious superfoods.

Who is it for? The Everything Guide to Nootropics is perfect for individuals who are looking to try nootropics but do not have firsthand information on how to go about it. This book is also ideal for individuals who are into superfoods and looking to expand their food preparation choices through various recipes.

If you’ve already tried nootropics, you have an in-depth knowledge of how it works, and you’re looking for various stacks that will provide a synergistic effect, then this book may be just too basic for you.

Review: At a time when there are still a few who hesitate at the thought of using smart drugs to boost cognitive functions, The Everything Guide to Nootropics strives to explain every aspect of supplementing with nootropics, which supplements are the best, how to benefit from each supplement, and tons of recipes with superfoods you can prepare yourself – these and more presented in a manner that’s understandable and easy to read even for newbies.

Nootropics can get quite scientific if you get down right to its finer details, and this book has managed to lay it out in the simplest terms that is easily understood. Another plus point with The Everything Guide to Nootropics book is that it’s interesting to read. When it comes to the topics covered, you’ll realize that there are more nootropics out there than what’s commonly advertised, and this book provides an insight to all these nootropic classes, it’s pretty comprehensive. For example, aside from the usual review of Adrafinil, Noopept, and Racetams, you’ll also get a good descriptive of earth-grown nootropics and mind-enhancing herbs.

What this book doesn’t do, though, is give you a comprehensive instruction on how to mix nootropics to come up with the best stacks. Also, the 100 recipes with superfoods in the book might also be a bit too much for some.

All in all, if you’re out to educate yourself about nootropics, The Everything Guide to Nootropics is a book that truly delivers!