Spillavhengighet – Gaming og Gambling book review

Spillavhengighet – Gaming og Gambling

Spillavhengighet – Gaming og Gambling, which can be translated to Game Addiction – Gaming and Gambling-is a book that precisely captures the life of gambling and the nuances that go with it. It’s a relatively easy to read text, an anthology, really, and features two editors and 18 contributors. The broad contributing set provides room for different opinions, which works for the reader, as they can serve up and weigh different viewpoints. The list includes gamblers their relatives, educators, therapists and industry experts.


The book has been laid out as a chapter-by-chapter affair, with a set of contributors giving their take on the subject matter in each one. There are sections that talk about gambling as a study in history. These areas take the reader back to the beginning; how man came to love this pastime, and how tastes have become refined offer the years. Other sections seize upon a player’s relationship with gambling and how this changes over time. In addition to that, the text takes a long, hard look at the problems that come with gambling, which is quite something as a lot of books seem to give this subject a wide berth. It is an unpretentious text that talks about gambling from people who have lived the life.

What does Spillavhengighet set out to achieve?

Put simply, this is an anthology that seeks to shed light on gambling as a pastime and a professional game, juxtaposing this with the problems that come with it all. There is a heartfelt attempt to explain what gambling is all about, which gives the reader a rare insight into a world most of us look in from the outside.

All throughout the book, the user has the overwhelming feeling that they are reading from someone that wants to educate. It explores the interesting fascination man seems to always have held with games, and how that changes in the face of modern technologies that put games right in the pockets of the user. There seems to be a general agreement that gaming is good, but with more intelligent interfaces come the challenges of addiction, which must be addressed as well.

Dette er en bok som adresserer mange interessante aspekter ved gambling. Det er veldig interessant å lese om hvordan den nye teknologien, for eksempel mobil casino, påvirker spill bransjen”

English: This is a very interesting book that addresses many aspects of gambling. It’s very interesting to read about how new technology, such as mobile casinos are affecting the gambling behavior

Spillavhengighet is a well-set out book. It combines practical research with the real life experiences of contributors and takes the user inside a complex world where money is made quickly and lost even quicker. There is an undeniable professional bite in every turn of the page, and this works to build credibility.