A review of John Patrick’s Roulette: A Pro’s Guide to Managing Your Money and Beating the Wheel

John Patrick is well-known in casino circles as a highly prolific gambler. Over the years of his career, he has undertaken plenty of challenges in games such as Roulette, made videos of instructions in the general space of casino gambling and even serenaded major TV channels to provide professional insights into the art of gambling. A Pro’s Guide to Managing Your Money and Beating the Wheel is Patrick’s 257-page paperback that delves into details about gambling. It is a highly informed manual that sets the reader on a path to winning at the casinos and has been crafted wonderfully with snippets from real, paid and free gambling action.

A general handbook on gambling

Despite the name of the book, it does not focus on wheels and high limit Roulette alone. It goes above and beyond, taking a look at dice, table, and slots, all the while providing analogies of what scenarios would look like in real life. If you are one for numbers, then there are plenty of numbers in this book, and a chunk of them show you the probabilities of the tide turning your way. There are also less desirable numbers that show you how to tell when you are just about to keel over and fall in the pit. There are also casino and general gambling games that are hard to explain without illustrations, but the good news is that John Patrick’s Roulette: A Pro’s Guide to Managing Your Money and Beating the Wheel has enough illustrations and graphics to keep you in the loop. Sports bettors will be thrilled to know that there are acres of space allotted to that specific field. A touch of reality
John Patrick’s text does not in any way suggest that you will walk into a casino and start winning right off the bat. It offers intelligent approaches through which you can anticipate a good return, helps you pick potential winners from a collection of may be’s and generally allows you to manage your money wisely by taking advantage of casino promotions. Patrick even delves a little into how you can cope with losing without having to make even more mistakes that get you in a deeper hole.

Managing mistakes

Patrick urges against greed, telling the reader to always be content with anything around a 10% return on what they put out. He also advises his readers to stay away from the red and pitch camp in black. Failure to learn house rules can lead to rookie mistakes and errors. Ever the careful gambler, John Patrick sets out to show the regular casino patron how to stay wary of temptations, mistakes, and greed in this book.