Review of Addison Blakely: Confessions Of a PK

Book Review – Addison Blakely: Confessions of a PK


Addison Blakely: Confessions of a PK is from author Betsy St. Amant, and it’s about Addison Blakely, a preacher’s kid. There were many positive and favorable reviews of the book, so I went ahead and read it. And true enough, this book is refreshing in the young adult genre. It tells the story of a preacher’s kid, and the choices she’s had to make, being torn between doing the right thing over what’s desirable. What’s more surprising is the fact that despite being a romantic novel, the entire story is clean.

Each of the book’s characters is well developed, even for the supporting roles. It also gives readers an introspect view of God and faith without being overly preachy, which could turn off most readers. While Addison constantly mulls over her beliefs and the struggles to always do the right thing, the story also has enough romance and humor to keep me interested.

There were a few points that I had issues with though, such as Addison being irritating at times in the book, and then there’s the cliche parts as well, but if you consider the book as a whole, it’s definitely entertaining, refreshing, honest, and spellbinding! You should get a copy of Confessions of a PK, it’s an interesting take on your faith and beliefs without being preachy at all!