On My Wishlist, January 2012

It’s time again for On My Wishlist, a weekly book event that takes place every Saturday as hosted by Book Chick City. This event features the book/s you are dying to read, but you haven’t bought or acquired the book yet. It doesn’t have to be a forthcoming one, it can even be an old one as long as you’re anticipating reading it then it should make it on the wishlist.

For this week, i’m looking forward to read a children’s fiction book. I’m shying away from my usual reads, and going for something light and funny:


BOOK: The Diary of A Wimpy Kid series

AUTHOR: Jeff Kinney


   The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is a diary of middle school student Greg Heffley, a weakling who tells the story of his life and the usual school and family problems that he goes through. Each book in the series tackles different issues and conflicts with the involvement of Greg’s best friend Rowley and his family.

The first book in the series has gone on to become a bestseller, and to date, six Wimpy Kid books have already been published. The reason why I’m anticipating this book is that i’ve heard a lot of very good feedback and reviews from other bookworms, and I’d love to take on something light and yet, humorous, so this is on my wishlist right now – all six and more to come!

Have you got something on your wishlist?